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Association of Boundary and Ocean Studies (hereafter referred to as ABOS) is an university-level academic association guided by Wuhan University China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies. With the guide of Prof Kong Lingjie, deputy dean of China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies, ABOS is committed to researches of maritime and land border disputes, “one belt and one road” policy, governance of polar areas, World War II and Post-War international new order, as well as basic theories of international law. ABOS aims at popularizing relevant knowledge of international law, providing a platform for all students of WHU to communicate and study together and offering policy advice for relevant state departments. Regular activities held by ABOS includes Reading party, Academic Salon and Alumni forum. Big events which have been held or will be held soon after includes the Knowledge Contest for the Law of the Sea and the Law of the Sea Moot Competition.